The Campaign

The game uses 3.5 edition rules and is set in semi-historic Edwardian earth
1905-1914 with a horror atmosphere that is hidden from the view of the
common people. In our version of earth, magic still exists in a limited form
and the players will create heroes to investigate suspicious events and battle
evil supernatural beings.  Envision western cowboy heroes battling zombies
in mines, archaeologist heroes investigating tombs in Egypt, British soldier
heroes weeding out voodoo cults in Jamaica, Arctic explorer and Eskimo
guide heroes seeking the Yeti, City detective heroes investigating strange
crimes, etc... It is an ongoing campaign that focuses on role playing,
investigation and horror.  That isn't to say that there isn't combat, it just isn't
the primary focus.  The campaign will plan to have run until 1914 (each real
year, we will roll the clock forward and have modules set in that year and
base part of them off historic events) and certain missions can change "real"
world history events. This game will allow the players to continue to build up
their character within our campaign. Our game has an exciting set of unique
skills and feats and is certain to please anyone who finds adventuring in the
early 20th century intriguing.  The book also includes unique artwork from
artists we have recruited. If you don't have a character, no problem, simply
grab one of the pre-generated characters from the documents page.

Authors that have written modules so far include: Jonah Bowen, Laura
Critzer, Wes Davis, Paul Dorothy, Bruce Finch, JD Hanna, J Jones, Victor
Long, Misty Long, Brian Martin, Jennifer Middleton, Dave Nadolny, Peter
Parker, Alex Shay, Timothy Travis and Steve Yee.

The Characters

See the documents page for files on errata, character creation guidelines,
wizard spell listings, etc...

Generally, we will use a 28 Point Buy.

All characters must be human (and will get the +1 skill point and feat that
humans get.)

The following classes from the PHB will be allowed: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric,
Druid, Fighter, Monk, Rogue, and Wizard.

If you choose to play a Cleric you may choose 2 domains from the PHB.  
You may choose 2 domains regardless of your cleric's religion.  Again, rather
than risk offending anyone by declaring domains per religion, we are going
to depend on the player to choose domains appropriate for their character's
belief system.

The Company

Thenodrin Presents is a new gaming company headed by a trio of players
who want to fill a void in horror campaigns.  Friends encouraged us to share
this project with others who enjoy playing in a horror setting with an
investigative intense setting rather than a combat heavy game.  Our new
game book describes the setting we have developed on semi-historic Earth
1905-1914.  We premiered our games campaign book, Fellowship of the
White Star – Legacy of the Rose as well as two new modules, at Origins
2007 with fifteen tables playing.

In addition to our game and related materials, we are excited to present short
fiction works at very cheap prices under our store area.  We are also
interested in purchasing good short fiction works, please send submissions
coming in second.  A big thank you to those that voted for us!