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1913 Modules

FWS A901: The City of Sacramento, Part 1 of The Monroe Doctrine
Written by Timothy Travis
The Fellowship knows that Dr Monroe was not involved in the creation of the Tesla Tower in Sacramento, CA. But
divinations have revealed him to be active in that location. And, preliminary investigations show a lot of machine parts
purchased by Dr Monroe as recently as last Christmas. A team is sent to confirm this information and report on Dr.
Monroe's activities. A Mid level mission set in Sacramento, California, February 28, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS A902: Boarding Party, Part 2 of The Monroe Doctrine
Written by Wes Davis
The Titanic has gone rogue! The ship is missing and not returning communication. Ian Masterson has chartered passage
on the Teague’s ship to catch the Titanic somewhere in the Atlantic and recover it. A High level mission set in the Atlantic
Ocean, March 18, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS A903: A Fisher Astray, Part 3 of The Monroe Doctrine
Written by Bruce Finch
Winter in the Appalachian Mountains is not a good time for fishing. But, it was the Fisherman's last known location. Where
ever he is, it is resistant to scrying and the Oracles are worried he is in trouble. A team is sent to Hinton, WV to follow up on
the Fisherman's last mission. A High-Epic level mission set in Hinton, WV, April 1, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS A904: Dark Tower, Part 4 of the Monroe Doctrine
Written by Richard DeBarba
Sporadic associate of the Fellowship, Nikola Tesla, has requested help from the fellowship dealing with a problem at one
of his towers.  It is suggested to have at least one formidable fighter and one talented healer. Investigation and science
skills will also be useful.  A High-Epic level combat and investigation mission set in Shoreham, Long Island, NY on Friday,
April 18, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS B901: Cuban Revolution, Part 2 of The Hot Springs Trilogy
Written by David Chew
In June 1913 Cuba found itself in yet another Revolution as the Party of Color fought for equal representation in their
Government. You are called to Cuba to find and eliminate the evil Cabals responsible for the insurrection. Will Cuba fall
to the Communists? Will America maintain its control on the Cuban Government? Their fate depends on The Fellowship
in the second installment of the Hot Springs Trilogy. An Any level mission set in Cuba, June 15, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS B902: Cowboys in Hell, Part 3 of the Cowboy Trilogy
Written by Ray Rickets
Journey to an exotic location to once and for all destroy the creature known as Ike Clanton. The third in the Cowboys Trilogy.
A High-Epic level mission starting in San Francisco, CA, June 18, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS B903: Return to Patterson Island
Written by Victor Long
Blurb? A ? mission set in City-Country, Month 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS B904: Rio de la Mort
Written by Brian Martin
Almost two years after your raid on a Culte des Ghoules’ stronghold, their leader has requested a meeting. This FWS
event of hard choices is the finale of the trilogy begun with B204: Theatre de la Mort and B703: Empire de la Mort. An
Epic level mission set in Paris, France, July 23 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS B905: The Moonstone
Written by Victor Long
A recent theft of a precious gem has Scotland Yard baffled. Who would steal the Lady Verinder’s inheritance right out from
under her family’s nose? The family suspects a group of Indian performers who showed up in town just before the theft.
But, Sergeant Cuff believes it to be an inside job, possibly stolen by the Lady Verinder, herself. A mission for any level
heroes set in London, England, May 11, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016

FWS B907: Confederate Inception
Written by David Chew
There is talk of a Confederate Conspiracy.  Return to Hot Springs and dine with old friends, drink whiskey with new rivals,
and die of horrible diseases before the New Moon rises. Can the Fellowship identify the real threat in time?  An event for
high-epic level heroes set in Hot Springs Arkansas on Saturday, October 25, 1913.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2016

FWS B908: November's Day
Written by Jamie Myers
St. Mary’s Industrial School for boys - Brother Mathias needs help figuring out why the boys are all scared and tired.
Some are claiming they can hear noises in the night. Is it a Ghost? Demon? All Hallows’ Eve is coming and things are
only getting worse. An event for mid-high level heroes set in Baltimore, MD on Thursday, October 30, 1913.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2016

FWS B910: Dreaming of a White Christmas
Written by David Chew
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Your
nightmares stir with innocents hanged. Vampires, demons, and devils circle you, their smiles very fanged. You can't
run and you can't hide. Humbaba’s madness you must now abide. Thursday, December 25, 1913. An event for all levels.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2016

FWS B911: The Balkan War
Written by Scooter Nadolny
The Balkan War has been raging on for far too long for a disorganized army against four readied countries. How could
they be losing with the odds stacked so high? A D20 event designed for High level characters set in the Fellowship of
the White Star campaign, Vratsa, Bulgaria. Saturday, August 30th, 1913
Premiere for Origins 2018

FWS D901: The Confrontation
Written by Victor Long
The Fellowship has gone to war against the Ameise in Knob Hill, Colorado. Their creator, Dr Terry Monroe, is holed up
in the old Tesla Research Experimental Station. But, is he their leader or their prisoner? An event for all level heroes on
Sunday, May 11, 1913.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2016

FWS I901: Hospital Ward
Written by Vicor Long
Fellowship agents are sent to Philadelphia, PA to interrogate a smuggler from Patterson Island who wound up in the
Hahnemann University Hospital. It is just asking simple questions, so it should be an easy mission. What could go
wrong? An introductory level mission with characters provided, set in Philadelphia, PA, July 9, 1913.
Premiere for Origins 2016
1913 Modules