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1909 Modules:

The 1909 Qabal Wars series modules can be played in any order, except that the finale
should be played last.

FWS A501: Hatchet Job, a Qabal Wars module
Written by Victor Long
A string of murders in New Orleans attracts the attention of the Fellowship. Is the killer a supernatural demon, feasting
on the souls of the living? Or a secret society enacting a bloody agenda? Or a simple serial killer? High Prep Level
required for the GM (i.e. Do not run this module cold). An FWS event for mid level heroes set on Tuesday,
March 16, 1909.
Premiere for WittCon 2012

FWS A502: Skytanic (fka Airship), a Qabal Wars module
Written by Timothy Travis
The Fellowship receives an urgent request for help from Semper Fi involving stolen military plans, German spies, and
a dirigible. What could possibly go wrong?. An FWS event for low level heroes set on May 20, 1909.
Premiere for Origins 2012

FWS A503: Les Sabotages, a Qabal Wars module
Written by Bruce Finch
The Fellowship's aid has been requested to help defuse a potentially explosive political, physical, and social
situation in Quebec. An FWS event for low level heroes set on July 13, 1909.
Premiere for Origins 2012

FWS A504: Poison Tree, a Qabal Wars module
Written by Brian Martin
The characters are sent to the mountains of Bulgaria to look into the death of a Fellowship agent. Her family holds
the key to unraveling the mystery, but who can be trusted to aid in the investigation? An FWS event for mid level
heroes set on May 8, 1909.
Premiere for Origins 2012

FWS A505: Into the Jungle, a Qabal Wars/and Part one of the Kogi Chronicles module
Written by Alexander Shay
A cry for help. A ritual to save the world, or possibly destroy it. Three forces set on a collision course over the fate of
reality itself. What’s better than a relaxing trip to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta during the rainy season? An FWS
event for  mid/high level heroes set in Columbia in June 14, 1909. Due to the nature of the module, the author
recommends outdoorsmen or combat-oriented characters.
Premiere for Origins 2012

FWS A506: The Fist of Earth, a Qabal Wars module
Written by John Jones
The Black Dragon Society of Japan, citing deployment of their resources on another matter, has called upon the
Fellowship of the White Star for assistance.  In response, the PCs travel to Japan's southern island of Kyushu to
investigate rumors of a mysterious porcelain mask. An FWS event for mid level heroes set on October 8, 1909.
Premiere for Origins 2012

FWS A507: The Gangut, a Qabal Wars AND White Realm module
Written by David Nadolny
Construction of a new series of German designed Russian dreadnought was unexpectedly approved late last year
over furious French protests. The first one is about to launch, but who are the mysterious crew and what is her maiden
mission? A combat dungeon crawl module. An FWS event for mid/high level heroes set on August 5, 1909.
Premiere for Gen Con 2012

FWS B501: Rest in Rock
Written by Kaylenea Fortner
Travel to Vernal, Utah and pay your respects at a funeral. What could go wrong? It is recommended that Mad Scientists
and characters planning to pursue the Mad Scientist prestige class play this adventure An FWS event for mid level
heroes set on October 5, 1909..
Premiere for Wittcon 2012

FWS B502: A Dark Wind Howls (HOME version, 6-8+ hour event)
Written by Steve Yee
A dark wind howls in from the sea, battering an ancient Tower. High atop the battlements a beacon of light appears,
then quickly fades. For scant moments, the waning light reveals dark clouds forming into the shape of a colossal
seven-headed dragon, its cavernous maws filled with rows upon rows of wickedly sharp teeth. From within the Tower,
come the sounds of much merriment. Voices are raised in song and good cheer. The musicians play a lively tune.
Yet, just above these happy sounds, the trembling, terrified whisper of an old man can be heard. "The Beast
awakens...take heart, my children, and keep your blade close at hand...the Beast awakens...and He shall have
dominion on Earth as in Heaven...." A perilous FWS event for mid-level characters set on, September 2, 1909
Premiere for Origins 2012

FWS B503: Origins 2012 Interactive, Qabal Wars
Written by Victor Long
The heroes attend a Fellowship meeting where they find out that conflicts between societies are continuing to escalate
and that ally societies are calling for assistance. There will be an opportunity for the heroes to speak to the NPCs
regarding the events and the Fellowship's intentions and then a  series of mini-missions, combat/investigation or
diplomacy. Who or what is responsible for all the chaos?. An FWS interactive event for all level heroes set on
???????, 1909.
Premiere interactive event for Origins 2012

FWS B504: Light my Way, Part 3 in the Legends of Halloween series
Written by Misty Long
The PC’s are called to investigate a professor at an Irish University who is suspected to be a member of the Hellfire Club.
Seers had visions of an ancient evil passing through the school grounds. Is the Hellfire club responsible for the evil in the
visions and what threat does this evil pose? An FWS event for all character levels set in Ireland on October 29, 1909.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2012

FWS B505: Fort Jesus of Mombasa
Written by Paul Dorothy
An urgent summons from an old friend alludes to something amiss in Mombasa. Return to your old haunts in Africa to
see if you can get it sorted. But, will you be in time or will the streets run with the blood of the innocents? This is a
balanced and difficult investigative and combat module for experienced players. An FWS event for mid/high level
heroes set in British East Africa, January 14, 1909
Premiere for Halloween Con 2012

FWS B506: Liberty and Justice, Renumbered as B606
Written by Victor Long
Module delayed until the 1910 campaign year

FWS B507: Hydro Shock
Written by Victor Long
A growing railroad town in the Appalachian Mountains has been importing electrical conveyances on a scale
comparable with that of New York City and Philadelphia. Preliminary investigations reveal that the townsfolk and
businesses are enjoying a surplus of electricity generated by an engineer named Dr Monroe. An FWS event for
high level heroes set on June 13, 1909.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2012

FWS B508: I Love You to Pieces!
Written by Donald Webber
The hunters are wrapping up their current mission, but an urgent message from the Oracles rush them to Sandusky, Ohio
to find out why young women are disappearing. An FWS event for mid level heroes set on June 1, 1909.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2012

FWS B509: Tangier: Mysterious City of Schemes and Iniquity!
Written by Brian Martin
The Fellowship sends the characters to Morocco on the trail of a rumor in an effort to gain a better understanding of the
recent conflict between secret societies.  This tongue-in-cheek module continues the tradition of The Attache's Tale
(C301) and Citius, Altius, Bardius (B405).  An adventure designed for low/mid-level characters set in the Fellowship
of the White Star setting of Earth, November 8, 1909.

FWS B510: Gearhead
Written by Wes Davis
An old nemesis of the Fellowship has resurfaced, but to what ends? An FWS event designed for mid level characters
set on August 19, 1909 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
Premiere for Halloween Con 2012

FWS B511: Silver Bells
Written by Victor Long
Animal mutilations in a small New England town spark suspicions that someone visiting for the holidays is more than
they appear. Or, perhaps the culprit is the nearby lake monster of Iroquois legend. An event for heroes of any level set
on Dec 24, 1909.
Premiere for Witt Con 2013

FWS D501: The Return of Rose, Finale for the Qabal Wars series
Written by Victor Long
All over the world, qabals have been attacking each other physically, financially, and supernaturally. What do all of
these events have in common? They all appear to have been orchestrated by an individual known only as "Rose."
Does the chaos of the last few months have a purpose? And, is that purpose for good or for evil? An FWS event for
all level heroes set on August 12, 1909.
Premiere for Gen Con 2012

FWS I501: Dementia
Written by Misty Long
You saw something that shouldn’t have been possible; the only way to describe it was magic. When you told a trusted
family member they had you committed to an asylum. Now, you have to find a way to prove that you are not insane and
find a way out of this crazy house, because the doctors are out to kill you. An FWS event designed to introduce players
and new characters to the Fellowship of the White Star campaign of Earth, Saturday, September 11, 1909. Due to
setting restrictions, players must play characters provided. Because of the setting for the module players must play the
characters provided. Because of this restriction, players will be able to transfer 100% of XP to another character.
Premiere for Origins 2012

FWS I502: Death of a Keeper (a 30 min to 1 hour adventure)
Written by Peter Parker
Trapped in the mansion of a White Star keeper, the owner's staff must find out what force has ensorcelled the mansion
and free themselves. A VERY short FWS event for the introduction characters provided only. Set on Saturday, in the
summer of 1905-1914 (any year). This demonstration module is intended to introduce new players to the campaign in
less than an hour.
Premiere for Origins 2012
1909 Modules